Help with displaying data from mysql database please

Hi there I am new to Kodular and am having difficulty displaying the data that I get from the mysql database to the screen. I have created the php script to get the data from the db and have tested it in the browser and it works fine. The problem is when I call the script from the web block and try to display it in the when text I don’t get any data…
I have copied and pasted the url from the block to the browser and that works. What am I doing wrong ?

If i need to use MySQL then i use deephost mysql extension its very easy to use.

How can we tell what you are doing wrong without looking at your blocks?
If you want solution of your issue then please post your blocks first.

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Nobody knows what you did.
There are 2 PHP Scripts ( here in community )ready to help beginners.
You do not need an extension to access Mysql. OK ?
In web got, you will have to use response Content (this is where you will have the data returned from your Script). You can use the response code to check the return code
You can use the Json Decode text Block to handle Response Content.
You can use dictionary blocks.
You can use lookup pairs Key together with Json Decode text to get values by key …

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