Help with full screen rotation

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Help to rotate horizontal and vertical screen for m3u8 in a Web_Viewer’m new to this and I need your help


I guess it is not possible with webviewer.

Change using Screen1 section block


in text block Landscape or portrait.

Hello everyone, here I leave those that I ask you to help me that it can be rotated or rotated horizontally and return to vertical

hello thanks for answering but that applies with an extension look I’m new to this for the same I ask for help

This is a video player component

yes and how do i get that component

please help with this component

Search this component in creator

Video player Component is media section

Faraz Firoz
If I found it and how would the location of the blocks please but does it work for the m3u8 ???

The truth is that I am not programmed and advanced only with tutorials, for the same reason I am asking you how is the correct placement of the blocks

Is that for automatic reproduction or do you have to add a button for the reproduction?

Video Player does not support advance streaming mechanisms.