Help with Google Drive

I wanted to use google drive to store files, videos and images from my app… I want to pick any file or image or video and upload it to google drive and once it is uploaded the link should be received back to my app how can i achieve this?

I think it can be done by using Google Drive API

I have seen this… But the explanation was about just one file and they knew the location of it… I want to pick files and then upload it

Se the the link by taifun that has many links regarding gdrive.

Upload any file on Gdrive!starred/mitappinventortest/ukDJQDNnAoY

I don’t know whether it works or not

use direct google drive link for download data.
upload manually on drive.

That’s what i don’t want… After uploading data the link should be stored in google sheets… and i know how to store on google sheets just how to pick the file and uplaod and get the link

No the page is not valid

See this you need to use web app script.!topic/mitappinventortest/ppfzpAlo8Ek

I have searched for it before but i get error after converting the file into base64

So the guide should be updated now. :blush:

Yes as it shows how to upload selected file not any picked file

But till the time are there any alternatives?because i need the solution urgently

Don’t know

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