Help with google sign in

I want to implament google sing in to my app so first I decided to test it and know how it works so i made a test app with google sign in button and some lable to show what details i will catch but I don’t know what is wrong.

i do not get any details, but name and emails are must to sing in dont u agree?

here is screenshots and apk.

please tell me what is wrong and what can i do to correct and get all details and if I cant get all details then which details i cqan get?


TESTing.apk (4.8 MB)

Hi @abdul welcome to Kodular Community
I want to ask some questions before giving you answer.
1.Are you using companion to test it?
2.Have you uploaded json file?
3.Are all details correct means same package name in firebase and kodular?

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i’m abdul. i created this second account bcz im not able to reply and send message. i dont know why. i did not do any wrong then why?

I unsilenced you. The system said you typed to fast. You should be able to post again with your original account.

thank you so much sir., im using apk exported
2. yes i already uploaded it
3. yes friend I copied that same packagae name

but still im not getting anything. is there something wrong with my blocks?