Help with my application


I ask you a question:

I am making an application and when I look at it in the preview it does not work well for me. It is possible for me to pass the apk and someone to see what the error may be.

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Share apk here

What does not work for you?

Of course I have tried to solve it. I have googled, I have seen tutorial and still I have not been able to solve it, for that reason I request help here.

Thank you for wanting to help

I tell him what happens to me.

It is a game application.

When I click on the preview it doesn’t open any buttons. For example the share, the exit button, the ads do not open either

I have already seen what function I have left to activate and I could not find the solution. It must be something simple

I appreciateFlappy.apk (7.9 MB)

And for that reason i showed you the link. If you want help you have to give info.

Instead of sharing the apk file if you share your actual problem, blocks, some screenshots of screen where you facing problems, you will get more responses for your problem.

If you share your apk with problem, how can we get whats the actual problem and its difficult to understand what’s you are trying to do.

Hello gentlemen, I hope you are very well. You can send them here a video explaining what the problem is

Hi Adriana,
I suggest post image with your block to understand much better and try to solve the problem.


When I look at the application in the previewer it does not allow me to leave and it does not allow me to share, the ads do not allow me to open them either

Asked them. Where I am going to find the error.

On companion you can’t close your app.
What extension are you used for share ?
Ads don’t work on companion, only for test

Well that part is true
But it doesn’t work for me to go out and not share

You coding when back press them close you app ?
blocks (11)

Your block for button share please

What about your blocks?

Thanks i will look at that part

Why you don’t show your block, is more dificult help you.
Don’t need show all your block only the most important.
Check Taifun Sharing extension may be work better for you need to do.
Read descriptions Taifun Sharing extension:

Hi @Adriana_Alzate
Sorry to say but no one can help you until you provide necessary info.
We are not wizards :sweat:
Please someone unlist this topic until necessary info is not provided :pray: @Peter @Boban @Kleyber_Derick


I don’t know why people don’t provide enough information about their app, screenshots, blocks and expect a full solution without any efforts.

They just provide apk, aia and ask for complete solved aia.

Thanks sirs

I could already solve it. I looked for a tutorial on youtube and managed to do it

Managers can delete this chat whenever they want.

@Adriana_Alzate And for the next time, please pay attention to this as @Peter already said:

Because there are already 20 posts without the necessary information / details to be able to help.