Help with playing in different resolutions of smartphones

I am not sure, but what happens when you set the Sizing on Screen1 to Fixed?

Hi, I’m developing a 2d game on the makeroid platform for the halloween contest, although I’ve been developing games for some time, it’s the first time with makeroid and others, I’m using a canvas and image sprites to make a 2d scenario, but my fear is that the scenario does not adapt as the resolution of the cell phone, for example the floor of my scenario is with a Y of 340, but if the resolution of the cell phone is different, maybe 340 Y is too much and the floor does not appear or little and the ground is flying, as I am new with the use of canvas and balls sprites I would like your help if possible, I’m sorry if there is some mistake in writing, I speak Portuguese and I can understand English, but I’m horrible for phrase formulation and texts, I await answers

The Sizing is responsive in the Screen1

I know, that is default. Try to set it to Fixed. it can solve your problem

Look at this video by pixiibomb.