Help with search filter using baserow database problem search list item , attempt to invoke

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problem appear when i use search only
because i need all data to show (get all row) when user search
i mean load all data in background

[updated_2.aia|attachment](upload://ij00Qo0skdyAYSovU145RhljXXb.aia) (440.1 KB)

updated_2.aia (440.1 KB)

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Why don’t you alert the members of kodular community? Is it just because they understand programming more than us? The kodular community has become boring
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Instead of using if the textbox is not empty, try to use if length of the text box is greater than 1

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Thank you I will try

Not working :broken_heart:

I will suggest you simple method.

  1. First get all items from baserow, store it in global variable
  2. First create dynamic comp with 10
  3. On scroll show next desired items untill total length
  4. Now on user searches value from the list, do not call data from baserow, just use your global variable data and search from it. that will be your smart move. But you have did every time calling data from baserow like it seems

Ploblem with that is …

But in his AIA there are only 150 so suggested… I have never tested with such amount or row

In such case it is strongly advised to use kodulars default listview rather than dynamic component

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This is a test aia :slight_smile:

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thanks , In fact, I was thinking of using list view but I didn’t test because the application requires the use of dynamic components but these components caused many problems especially when calling all rows and columns, it causes the application to stop sometimes

If more col you are calling and want to use search option then use , as I said earlier, kodular Listview with search option enabled

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thanks i tried search with list view image and text

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