Help With Trivia API

Hello Koders.

So I found this great website that supplies free trivia questions . I previously used to manually copy and paste questions and answers in google forms to display.

What I wish to do now is have everything sorted and multiple choice options randomized in-app and game should display questions on a one-by-one basis. Can anyone please help me out here? I don’t know how to manipulate API responses to this level:sob::sob:.

P.S this is the API I want to manipulate>

Thanks in advance.

pls explain what do you mean one by one ?
do u want if a user choose correct answer then show other question. or show questions in list on by one.

First You may format the url for a single question

Then you can call for the api response when user clicks for the next button !
If you call for one question each time the json data looks like this !

Which can be formatted easily !

Hope it helps you !

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User chooses the right question then next question…else end quiz

:blush:thanks…this seems like a better idea…fetching one by one…