Help with using "Any Component" section!

Can Anyone help me with this Error of “any component” section … I want to save data to phone but I get this error message and can’t understand what “For Component” needs to accept the formula !!


first use one if then condition, and set the logic as,

if the clicked component IsDynamic
then move the above blocks (but dont use get comp, instead simply use get component)

whnever an dynamic component clicked, you must use this condition IsDynamic

I’ve tried but unfortunately it didn’t work … I use get comp by id because this error message appears … but even if I put get comp by id it still gets the old error message {nothing} … Do you have any other idea how to solve this issue ?!

I have no idea what the for component part means here, maybe it just formats all the blocks this way in ‘any component’ without checking.

Just use the regular save file block:

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Your component is a spinner… it does not make sense to use an advanced file component for this.

Rather than using the advanced file SaveFile method use the SaveFile method from the File drawer. .


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well, I thought that because I made too many components that I need the advanced saveFile for every component but the solution you suggested happens to be very simple and it actually works and saves the data I need ! :smiley:
I really feel very naive :sweat_smile:
Thank you very much all for your help ! :heart:

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