help, with web view tool

hello friend,

I made an app that can browse e-books with help of webview and google driver. but I have problem with the bottom of the download. when I click the download bottom the book does not download.

it is very important to my app to download the books. can anyone help me, please?

Did you set write storage permission? Can you show your download blocks?

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this my block, can you help me

As i said earlier, where is the permission for write external storage?

Also what are you trying at here ?

Index must be a number

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how I do the permission for write external storage?

Search… Please


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Use ask permission block in screen initial block

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First of all I believe your google drive links should be in the form of

Three ways to download pdf,

Using download component

Using custom webview extension

Using Download to ASD extension

Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

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how i get the custom webview extension

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