Help with Web Viewer

Hi everyone!

I will keep this very simple!

  • Lets say i want to add a cart button to an app!
  • When i click that button it opens a specific Web page (ex: link to shoppify cart page)!
  • In that page the cart is either empty or full!

Is there any way to use a Web Viewer (or other component) to know if the cart is empty or full? Or i really need 2 different shoppify links (for empty and full cart) for that purpose?

Thanks in advance!

If there is any api documentation to check it then it possible else I don’t think so…

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Thank you for your reply! I really don’t know how to achieve that, I’ve tried some tricks with no success! Maybe some extension, use cookies or something I don’t know!
Thank you anyways! Cheers

it cannot be done by cookies but i have solve other issue with webview just by reading urls…
it will be tough or may not work…
but reading url and its behavior may help but i’m not sure about site you are using…

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Tomorrow I need to work on a major update for that app in particular! I’ll try to read URLs just to study the behavior and maybe I can see something I can use to “track down” empty vs full cart!
Thank you

If that helps you then don’t forget to inform me

No problem my friend! If i found any solution I’ll inform you! Thanks

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