Hero global app challenge

ok in kodular or tunkable?

Do they have an app already

UI presentation is done by softwares like Adobe XD

i dont even have its free trial.
i can make ui on thunkable and kodular or any drag and drop platforms

Kodular, Thunkable X is too problamatic

There are many online UI builders and even offline which offer free services (limited access / free trial). They are best to explain whole apps without coding

What does this mean?
“complete wire frame of the application with all the functionalities in a power point presentation and a 5 min video explaining the same”


The person’s picture is on Hero MotorCorps’s website(and you also know that as you also picked that image from mentioned website) with a clear mention of his name :point_down:

What’s the meaning of such unnecessary reply of your’s which doesn’t make any sense?

Post something sensible which can contribute to ongoing discussion.

well sorry
then wat platform i can make ui and apps

wrong category i suppose

I built UI for 3 screens for over 2 hours now
Just got to know before registering
It is not for school students.

im was making(brainstorming) to make the app with logic and ui screens sadly i cant do but y

There is school student option but it is unavailable (cannot be chosen)
Only 2 days left
If any brave individual finds a way out lemme know

That’s the main point​:sneezing_face:

I can do it in 4 hours.
Just needs 3 screen and presentation to start with.

New features need

i guess not for children below 10 yrs

so i can PaRtIcIpAtE in contest cuz im above that
oops phone numberi dont have it


Look at this, what do I do here?

we can always do others i think