Hey i'm new here can you help with a math problem solving application!

hey…hope you help me to figure it out …i want to make an app that can calculate the Simple Interest of the given values! that’s it

So what have you tried,

Think about what the inputs you need, and what the outputs will be
Then figure out what the math or logic is to get the output from the input
Then start clicking some block!!


I got to know how to get the input… How to do the math???like multiplying and dividing

You might want to try some tutorials since those are sort of the basics.
Unless your problem is the actual mathematics, which I need some more information for. Interest is calculated by dividing the percentage by 100 and adding it to 1, then multiplying your value by that. So if the interest is 10%, you divide it by 100, 10/100 = 0.1 then add it to 1, 1 + 0.1 = 1.1. SO if your value was 100, multiply 100 by 1.1 = 110.