Hey who are you going only the

(Eithical Hacker) #23

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(Yusuf Cihan) #24

Just wait then as Diego said.

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(Mohd Younis ) #25

We have spended days but we are unable to do anything.

(Eithical Hacker) #26

At first you told me that there is no bug in apps now you are telling me to wait​:unamused::unamused::unamused:


Learn to use logcat!

(Yusuf Cihan) #28

I didn’t say anything about “no bug”. I just wanted to confirm.

(Eithical Hacker) #29

Now confirmed? That there is a bug in apps??

(Yusuf Cihan) #30

It won’t be confirmed until you send a logcat/error report.

(Eithical Hacker) #31

@Diego told me that there is a bug in kodular apps so it’s confirmed now why i need logcat??

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(Yusuf Cihan) #32

To solve your problem and, to help Diego for solving issue. If you don’t send logcat, we may not know real problem.

(Eithical Hacker) #33

Without @Diego no one told me that there is a bug in kodular app. Now wait for other confirmation!! @Mika

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If Google does not enable your ads then ask google for help!
Again… this is not my problem.

There exist things in this world that you can check by yourself.
I dont waste my time here any more since you dont want to listen!!!

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(Eithical Hacker) #35

The problem is that when i export my apk then ads are getting show like :fire: now i published it on play store but not a single ad is coming!

(Yusuf Cihan) #36

We can’t go forward with your same replies.

(Eithical Hacker) #37

Sir i checked my ad units in Android studio app ad is working fine in it…


Read the above linked topic complete!!!
Every answer from us here is wasted time since you dont understand anything…

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(Eithical Hacker) #39

Sir i don’t know about logcat can you please check my app???

(Yusuf Cihan) #40

Search in Google. No, we can’t go forward, I think this topic should be closed.

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Then search it on Google and learn how to use logcat!
I dont waste any minute again here…

Now its up to you…
You dont want to listen? Then dont ask for Help!

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