Hi Chat application

I have tried to make a chat app like WhatsApp I could just only finish the chat portion. This app uses firebase as the backend that contains your chat in encryption form.

Please test this app and tell me how it is…

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Tell us more about your application users won’t download any app from invalid source.


Or send a screenshot of that app

Sure please wait a moment

In no way it is an invalid source.

@Devjit_Creator You should provide a proper description of your app with screenshots. That is a proper format of posting an app or else it may be remove by the Mods. Please edit your post.

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I did not rename the file will that be okay ??

He wanted to test his application, How we can know it is valid, You are the Pro Koder And Don’t Know this

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It us valid as I have shared the link directly from my drive after scanning it.

Don’t Share you personal details

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No, this is not it is only for testing
Only use for testing

Invalid means how you make it and which purpose we want our privacy

This app is completely based on your privacy. Users can see your number as long as they are in your contacts, no other unknown users can view your phone number neither can I view your chats as it is encrypted.

apk is not a invalid source pls understand that

Which personal details did he share? Please stop creating Off-Topic posts.

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and its not possible #prokoders know everything

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I have shared the testing phone number I also know that I cannot share a mobile number on an online free source post.

So, now I was trying to say that is anybody can test this app and tell it it to me is it working, has any type of bugs, or any other type of issues.

  • Thank You
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Please I am saying again. @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki Don’t create offtopic posts. The OP is trying to say the same thing he has created a testing phone number.

This topic could be closed.

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Can I know what you mean by OP