Hi I Have 601 Error

Please help me

Search community first, many topics related to this error are available.

I look this but i cant

Explain from where this error is coming from, what are you trying to do at that time, just by saying error is not going to help us to help you!

By pulling the data from Firebase, pulling the link and open that link when the update comes, I can give the aia file(i m not talking english good i take it in translate)

There is .aia fileBildirim.aia (220.6 KB)

Well, your spelling is wrong, should be intent


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Thanks,wait i try it

Oooo its working thank you very mach,Boban can you remember in app inventor,i was Oyun in there i doing biggest code in here

Unfortunately not!

ok not problem thank you again see you next time


I am marking @Boban’s reply as solution for now. But from next time it is expected from your side to do the same whenever you get appropriate reply to your query.

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