Hi! I want to delete my data on Kodular Community

I want to delete all of the my data on Kodular Community. How? Please help me.

What do you mean? Data means ? or Account need to be delete

My account, my posts and my comments.

I hope, even though Delete My account option available under my kodular account page, Your account wont be deleted… Once your ac deleted your comments, project and what else related to your will get deleted but it will create damage to the database. But now kodular shifted to eagle mode. May be it will work.

But no one will advise you to delete your account?

Any reason for deleting your account?

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We can anonymise your account, which effectively detaches your identity from any posts or topics you have created.
Please let me know if you’d like me to go ahead with this option.


…but still Admins and Moderators will be able to identify the user and data will be there forever.
Maybe it is not what @anon99782588 want.

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