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Hi friends. I have a query, in my city the internet is sometimes not very good, there are days when the internet is very slow, in my application I have a screen change filter through the web component. The problem is that if I put a long wait time, sometimes data is lost and it produces crashes in the application, and if I put a low wait time, the application simply does not work due to the 1101 error. My idea was then to have a long wait time in the web component, but if data is lost and for example there are errors in cutting lists or length of texts hide those error messages. How can I hide any such error messages?

You could use the Screen.ErrorOccurred event to catch the error.


I cannot catch the error of lists for example with this block. Only those with error code.

Then maybe this extension might help

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Thanks Dora, is what I meant. I’ll try

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