Hide External browse

I could not solve the openstreetmap problem.
As an option I decided to enable the “External Browse”, because in this way openstreetmap works correctly!
Can you hide the link (the entire line of the browser), so that it does not look like the browser?

As I know you can’t.

What a pity Robert, that was the only way that openstreetmap worked in my webview.

can you share the openstreetmap link may be i can help you with that.

Hey why don’t you use REST API of openstreet map it is easier.

Thank you for listening, my friend.

I’m actually using a plugin ready to do the wordpress business search.
A registered company is shown on the map of the company’s location.


Click on any company and see the location map that works perfectly on the site. But the problem is that in WEBVEW is not appears the map.