High Quality Splash Screen Design For Kodular [Free Download]

Hello Koders!

I designed a splash screen image for Kodular.

Here’s how it looks:

This design is open-source and you can use this design in your apps without facing any copyright issues.

Want to download design?
PM me your app name and I will send you the design.

Also let me know if you need any custom design for your apps and I will be happy to design one for you!

Thank you,
Aditya Singh.


What is the size of splash screen image :thinking:

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Its 1080 x 1920 pixels which fits on most of the Android devices. I can also resize if anyone needs a custom size.


I like the design :heart_eyes: . I want the the design. my self Kalyan.

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Thank you :smile:

Send me your app name and logo and I will send you the design.

Okay. I will send you the details.

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