Highlight the words

when i search any word it will be highlight which is in subtitle.


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I used same, but problem is that label is not directly open, it will open after click on title

You may have used or tried everything but you may not have tried this :point_down:

What have you tried?
Where do you want to highlight the text (in label or textbox)?
How exactly you want it?
Maybe a image of blocks?

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when I search any word, if same word is found in title or Subtitle then it will be highlight.
for i have put Title in listview and on click the title , subtitle will open in label.

block is here

Is subtitle html?

not always, but still enable HTML format of label

When html format enabled for subtitle use same thing with label

subtitle text are open in label

I mean list

how to do this

What label is subtitle
Use same thing that you made for title for subtitle

general text which is imported from Airtable

Make it always html
Also looks like you made code a bit wrong and it needs to be complex

Get data again on click
Show label
Set label text from data
Highlight it
Hide list

how to correct it, can you help me

I dont know airtable but people that know airtable may help you
The problem is you highlighting and setting text before click

Try this :-

There is a event in the extension to get the text which is clicked

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