Hire the developer to help me on this project

I need to hire an app developer to add some of the same features as google play or taptap to my app, VXPstore.

you may not need to use a lot of paid designs and extensions, the budget for the project is $ 20.
I need more features like display Wrong, preview image, video description, post the test video I feel good I’ll PM and pay them

sorry for my english and spelling mistakes

Personal purposes, what you will get with that?

Store .vxp file application

I have VXPstore app and want to develop some more features similar to google play

Here we create block coding in Kodular.

what do you mean?

Do kodular support VXP file?

I need to hire a developer to develop more features in my app

and the VXPstore store is made entirely of Kodular

Your app is create in kodular?

As I answered you above

ok then you will get help.

You should share some details, like what you have done and what the user will have to do after you hire them, etc

Here are some pictures in the app

Check PM. I can design good UI and setup apps… Custom graphics on Illustrator etc…

No, I design it to my liking, but I want to hire a developer to do these features.https://youtube.com/shorts/zQTiDErwfeY

Yeah I will make… I guess it is the UI and Parallax?

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I will send the aia file

I want to add 1) false effect. 2) preview image. 3) play the demo video

Watch carefully the video I posted

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