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hello friends, in my app there are two side menu layout
in screen one
on screen2

on close screen one

on close screen2

when i click home on second screen, screen one open but when i try to close an app, screen one reopen, how do i avoid that error ?

nyumbani is home screen

I think you are not switching screens correctly.
Try this method:

Opening an already opened screen is bad

thanks, u mean i should switch from screen 2 to screen 1 using home on side menu without reopen screen one ?

If I am not wrong then you are opening same screen from both screens.

thanks, sure there is no need to open screen1 when on screen1, i have removed that command and left with clickable icon,
but how do i move from side menu 2 to screen 1

Then we need some more blocks or maybe aia file.

Can you post blocks?
Actually I am a bit lazy in uploading and opening aia file:sweat_smile:

thanks, but which area

screen switching area

here are the remaining one

Try this one:

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much thanks, this has worked

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Then close this topic.

P.S. Instead of this

you can use this

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