Home Screen Auto Opening After Clicking Another Option

Hello Community !

I’m creating a study app. I have added 20 Screens to my App. Everything is working perfectly expect the homepage. There is a Ebook Screen on my App. When I click a button to open the ebook screen, the app itself opening the home screen .

I don’t understand where the problem is. Can anyone guide me to solve the issue ?

Here is my home screen blocks.

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too many and I see that you are not switching screens correctly


I understand I have added too many screens but the App size is still under 7MB. Can you please show me where I’m doing wrong to switching the screens?

Every option is working perfectly with these blocks expect the ebook one.

According to your blocks when ebook click it opens notes. Is this the correct screen ?


Yes. It’s 100% the right screen

The best way is, use just simple procedure with proper switching screen blocks

So do I need to run the procedure again and again for each button?

Yes, whenever you want to switch to another screen you must run this simple procedure

Ok, let me give a try if it’s works or not

Same think was already suggested

Not working. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is also not working.

For me it looks like notes and ebook are the same, did you copied screens ?

Yes. Notes is copied from ebook. When I first tried and the problem occur i thought that the ebook screen might have some problem. So, I copied the screen and named it notes. but still I’m having the same issue

It should work. Else check the spelling properly.

I have checked everything. If you want then I can share the aia with you

I think the problem is with the notes/ebook screen. I just changed the screen on button click and now it’s working for other screen