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Can someone help me with the settings for when I put the screen horizontally, the visible title is hidden and when I turn vertically it is shown again.
Thanks, I’m new to this!

That is hidden because it couldn’t fit on your screen.
I think this is because of your screen resolution. It will be visible on high resolution mobile phones.

@FahadAhmad Excuse my English, I think I did not make myself understood.

What I want to do is when I put the horizontal screen to be able to hide some elements and when they return to the vertical screen, they appear again.

try this,


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@ImranTariq If your configuration worked. But I want that when I return to the vertical screen, the title is visible again. It can?

you can try this


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@ImranTariq It does not work. In both orientations the title is visible.

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ok let me check this, if works then i will inform you

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this is my own method, check this,



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@ImranTariq Thank you very much, it really worked very well. Simply change these properties to make it look exactly as I wanted.

You are an expert for this, thanks for your help!

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you are welcome,

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