Host a live quiz game

I have created live quiz application and I’m using YouTube live for hosting a game but it is not looking good.i searched everywhere but not found solution.
I found background video player extension but don’t know it will play live video or not.
If anyone have idea for that I need some suggestions.
Thank you.

You mean this extension ?

Yes but don’t know it work with live video or not.

If you’re trying to host a YouTube live stream from your application, that is not possible at this time.

Yes, the extension can play live video. The most common format is m3u8

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Is it suitable for live quiz game ?

You’re not being clear on your request. If you want to show the live stream while playing the game, then the extension that was given will handle that.

I don’t know, may be ?

Youtube is great option for startup (Beginner) live. you can use Flot view extension to flot your video wheel background process. if you want to hide youtube logo then use Deep hosts Exo player extension or similar other. But its violate youtube terms of service policy.
Remember If you use firebase free service then there is limitations you cant control live User database (User answers and answer filters) .

It can play live videos.

If it work on live video I want to buy it.
Is it really good for live quiz game ?

Couldn’t able to play my YouTube live broadcast inside application.
Other’s live streaming is playing without problem.

DM me.

No idea.