Hould I get this many errors?

I’m trying to grant read and write permission and it doesn’t work, I saw in the community that the problem is related to Android 11, I updated to 12 and I still have the problem.

I need to use the camera component, but when I take the picture the file returns empty. I thought about using Surfaceview, but it only works if you change the screen orientation.

When my app opens and performs any interaction, I get this error.

it is important to consider: Before coming here, I performed searches for the three problems. There are three related problems after the last update (problem with authorization is older).
The intention of the post is to discuss and know if other people have the same error.

Even acknowledging @bodymindpower’s commitment to the files, the rest of the errors, in my view, so far have no solution

Search the community for each of your problems to find out more and what can be done…

To have a thread, which talks about 3 different problems at the same time does not make sense… I will close it therefore


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