How apps with thousands of images and components load in 2-3 seconds?

Hi, hope you guys are doing well. Need your expert advice for an app.

I have around 500 cards and images in my app. And I want to load them dynamically. I tried few extensions, like picasso and glide, but they were not helpful, some worked some did not, my app still took 7-8 seconds to load. which is a lot! Kodular image utilities component falsely asks for reading permission but I don’t want that because if a user selects no, then the images wont load at all!!

How apps with thousands of images and components load in 2-3 seconds? How can we achieve the same?

Many thanks in advance.

None of the exterwill fulfill your desire, I hope so. App certainly need some time to load thousans images minimum 5sec is will be needed . Duration completely depend upon the size and quality of the image

the question is how other apps load it? images are optimised and I am loading them from url.

Can you give some example which loads 1000s of images in 2sec?

we use so many apps, I have seen app with 500 images and card components, takes load time of 3 seconds only.
take an example of google play store app. so many card and images load instantly.

try one of these exensions
RecyclerView Extension by Cristopher Salazar (14 USD)
RecyclerView Extension by Atom_Developer (17.50 USD)
taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


They all 500 cards aren’t dynamic yet?

You can use an webviewer and a script with a lazy loading implementation and store the image that app using in a variabile,so you avoid to load all the images

All the cards are dynamic.

I have excel spreadsheet. with image links and url.
There is very common problem, there much be solution to this!! :/?

You can pass URL to webviewer with setwebviewerstring()

You can never think about loading thousands of images in just 2-3 seconds.
Practically impossible.

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This is what I am telling him from the very beginning, and you to confirmed @vknow360 :+1:

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I am also saying that Picasso extension is working fine and have provided a working aia too.
But still it is not working for him. :thinking:

I dont want to load 1000 images in 2-3 seconds. I want to load my app in 2-3 seconds, rest the other images load 1 by one, or 20/30 per second is acceptable.

I dont expect to load such vast number of images in 2-3 seconds, I only want to load my app in 2-3 sec. I have seen other apps loading in 2-3 seconds.

How can we achieve the same?

If you create an app with android studio it will open in 2-3 seconds.

I am doing it on kodular, and we can open in 2-3 seconds in kodular as well provided we know how to delay loading of images and components. If I load screen only few 10-20 loaded images and components then it will take only 2-3 seconds to load.

Use this extension to load your images with in some seconds by dynamic component extension

Don’t have heavy work on screen initialize.
Give your app some time.
Like divide your blocks in chunks and run it on an interval of 500 ms.

Yes, @vknow360 … You’ve created an wounderful guide when user scroll down list will continue to show That method he can use

I am using view pager, and six different vertical scroll arrangement. How should I go about dividing blocks. The method I tried was to load on view pager selected, however it crashes my app when I switch view pager back to loaded tab.

how t o go about it?

Did you try this?
I tried did not load in 2-3 seconds. Took 7-8 seconds. I don’t know what is wrong!!