How can i Add a Hidden btn on background?

Hello Koders,
I wonder how to transform Background as a hidden button so when i click 3 times or more to open an admin area mean second page, any idea ?

As if it were a combination of keys to take you to an administrative panel ?.. and if it were a button of the same color, becoming invisible or a label?

P.S.It will not be good … because it will be visible to click on the component. :-1:

nope , i just want to click in a blanc space on the app so it could be hidden so later it take me secretly to admin page

What you want is how to Capture a click, two clicks …
P.S.- I answered because you mentioned a hidden component …

what i need is to click 3 times in a blanc area on the screen and this hidden btn takes you to next admin page

I think you want like when we turn on developer option in setting .

So make a button and a variable and join with a empty text.
Then when button click do (set variable to Plus variable with value [1] ) and when get variable = 5 . So make event to open another screen .

That is simple try :slightly_smiling_face:

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set an arrangement and set the colour to white which will seem like no background and set the arrangement to clickable and then when click count the click in intialize global and thats it…when click count is 3 set to open admin page


But he wants a secret admin page

Exactly ! how can i control how many clicks i want to add so my secret admin page open

no see this

No. He wants a way to click on the screen and go to the secret administrator screen. Like Easter eggs

I think this will be the solution


probably is the best answer until now but can you please explain how to configure the time of clicks and its option ?

When VerticalArregenment Click
----Your counter = counter +1
— If counter = 3
-------…open screen…
Maybe that…

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invisible_clics_count.aia (2.0 KB)
check this

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if it worked for you let me know and make this as solution

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