How can i add all of this tags and their value from fire base to colintree list view

I ma trying to add all the tags like “videos” is the project bucket and then “H8KvNj4CbM” this is the id and inside id there is 2 more tag “Points” “Views” inside this tag the value is there and now i want to add all the values in the colintree list view.



Can anyone please help?

Instead of setting project bucket set firebase url

When you click on videos you will get url of that bucket.

Set this url from block and join global video tag to this url.

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Sorry didn’t get you

On the place of project bucket, use set firebase URL block.

In your firebase database click on videos bucket and copy that url and use it in firebase url block and to this url join global video tag.

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Still not working

The error message says that, you are not getting tag list which is you calling.

Show your other blocks and firebase database properties from designer section.

i have data in fire base as i have show in the beginning and also my blocks still this is happening thats why i asked for help from the community

now i am getting this error

What about this?

blocks (2) blocks (3) blocks (4)

I am expecting from you this

Hello there,
There’s a huge problem in your block.

A project bucket shouldn’t be empty as it stores all the tags and values in it. Fill it to get things back on work.

cause i am using firebase url along with the tag to fetch the data

Okay, then remove the [set Video.Project Bucket to] block. It might help :smiley:

after doing this

this error is showing

If you’re comfortable, can you please share or only tell what’s currently under your Videos Project Bucket?
I feel that there’s no value under the project bucket.

Here see:

Okay, I got the error here.

The list is already empty here, therefore the error shows up.