How can I add dependencies on build.gradle using AppyBuilder IDE

I want to make a extension, and I have to add some code on build.gradle, how can I do it using appybuilder IDE?

You can’t do it with AppyBuilder code editor. (IDE)

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Ok, If want to try with App Inventor Open Sources, so what is the method?

Build.gradle is used with Android studio, it doesn’t has something to do with app Inventor.What you can do is to get the .Jar file of your library, and use it with the @UsesLibraries annotation, see also here:

Third party libraries doesn’t work with appybuilder as mentioned earlier, you need to use the Extension template, or app Inventor Sources :slightly_smiling_face:
P.s: for questions about extension development, you should ask in the app Inventor community :point_down:


I can’t find a proper .jar file on internet.
But i know how to import in android studio.
Is there a way to fetch .jar file from the depenency line?

I don’t think so.but you can get jar file from maven dependency:

This website has many libraries, maybe you find your library there:

Also, usually, the library owner offers .jar file, or the library source which you can get its har file:

I searched for a library
It showed
.aar and view all
When I click on view all, the page is not working
I downloaded .aar and extracted classes.jar
The .jar archive dont have useful files.
It has manifest files.
Thats why I said

Maybe you can try it in your project , or post the Aar link .

How? I am using IntelliJ Idea

Import the jar library into IntelliJ Idea :

And to get it compiled with your extension, see here:

The problem is that I am unable to find and download a .jar with proper files inside.

If the .aar doesn’t have resources inside it, you can use use the class.jar inside the aar.

  1. Open the aar file by 7-zip or Winrar.

  2. Extract class.jar.

  3. Rename the class.jar to anything you want.

  4. Put the jar into deps folder.

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you can follow the @DevYB Guide as they have created many extensions which is created using a library.

Can anyone give me Admob Android SDK.jar Or Facebook SDK.

Ads extensions aren’t allowed in kodular, and your project won’t compile when using them, however they are already components, why you need to create an extension for them :thinking:

I need Admob SDK or Facebook SDK jar for my own. I’m a learner. I want to learn with it. If you have sdk, please give it to me?

Search for them:
You will find out something like:

maybe you can find them here:

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