How Can I Add Search Bar in My App?

Hi all, i want to add search bar in my app but i dont know how to make?

i want to like this a search bar. I need to your help.

Did you research?
What did you try?

This Maybe Helpful to You

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im try other articles written on the site but its doesn’t work. I’ve been trying this one from 1 week

Do you want this animation in your search bar?
Did you try animation component ?

how? i dont know.

@Avijit when promoting yt video make sure they are in english otherwise your post will be flagged.
remove video from your post and send a pm to OP

Ok, I will create a guide to make a search bar. Just wait for sometime :blush:


okey thank you so much :slight_smile:

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You can make it easilly with animation utilities ,
New Project
if you need aia
CustomSearch.aia (23.7 KB)