How can I auto change my app background every 12 hours?

hi for all .
i want to auto change my app background every 12 hours , that’s mean from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm take background1 , and from 12 pm to 12 am take background2 …

notice : i want to set the time by this blocks in the PIC .

please help . thanks

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You can do this by using these blocks:arrow_heading_down:



yeaah , that’s realy working , thank you and thank’s for all

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Are you lying here to? In the Thunkable forum you say you use Thunkable in the AppyBuilder you say you use AppyBuilder just to get help. I don’t like it if users lie to get help. Be warned.



first , i’m sorry for my weak english because i’m from egypt and my first language is arabic .

second , i’m not lying !! i’m realy use thunkable and appybuilder and kodular , because i try to learn every website from that , and choose from them .

what’s the wrong from that’s !!!

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In all places you post the same block. Only ask a question in the right forum. Builders are much to different these days. So you can not just post some blocks from one builder in another forum. Furthermore it is i sign of respect to the developers of a builder to use only their blocks when you ask a question.


ok you can say that since last reply , not " you lying " :slight_smile:

any way , i’m sorry , i wasn’t know the rules .

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