How can I check if there is a value in a list that is located in another screen?

I want to check if a list in screen2 contains a specific value while I’m in screen1. I’m trying to do it with Tinydb but I still didn’t succeed. I don’t want to use the start value block because I want the list to be accessible in any screen.

In First run you cannot check it up and even not possible… but if user visited atleast one time after the installation, then you can use the tinydb to achieve this

Yes, but I don’t know how to do it. I tried this way, but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. There is a list and also a tag called “on_off” in patterns screen. I am trying to access the list under the tag while I’m in screen1.

This is wrong combo

You should not use tinudb in initialize global variable. Here you add create empty list. And add the same blocks in screen initialize or any button button click as
Set global vibration pattern to

Other thing are looks good.

But it still doesn’t do the command only when the thing is in the list. Could you see what I’m doing wrong?

This is the link to the aia file. The first vibration pattern is suposed to be selected only when the second button in the Patterns screen is selected.

Since your language in the component is hard to understand, i have tried like this… Pls try and let me know. You can shorten the tag name. To make you understand i tried like this…

In Pattern screen(add one extra tinydb)


In screen1 (add in initialise section…

As per the above block, user unable to click the power button of screen1 until he click the second button(actually it is an image) of configuration screen. Am i got your point?

Thank you very much, now I think i got it.

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