How can i create a app like Inshorts?

I want to make a similar app as inshorts but dont know from where should i start.
Can any one tell me what all things i should learn first to make this app ?

Is inshort a vedio editor app?

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Inshorts is a news app


So inshots is video editor and video maker app. I don’t if this possible in kodular but half features of inshorts app is possible In kodular. If you really want to make full feature inshots app go to android studio.

uhm…@Maxtern see this-
The Video Editor you are talking about is Inshot not Inshorts

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:joy:name are same. Yes you can make news app in kodular it’s very easy

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@Aditya_Devalalikar there are 2 ways -

  1. Make an Admin Panel
  2. Use a news API
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Thank you Tekwizer for reply.
Actually iam new to kodular.
I know many things still i am in learing stage…
Will you elaborate a little more on those 2 ways

Sure give me some time

Ok thank you… I will work on that