How can i create a phone booster app like clean master in kodular

so i want to create a phone booster app in kodular But i dont know how to make my app clear phones ram but i know how to show ram and storage.Also i dont know how to clear phones cache please helpcl

You should know how these app works so that you’ll be able to create the application …
You can search and research how these application actually works …
(For example, Boost Speed clears the ram . Battery will show you battery and it can be save if you open power mode) Cleaner will check the large files and caches etc…

By the way, Android doesn’t need Ram Cleaning . Android can manage the RAM by itself , It doesn’t need any application to do it . For example , If you open new app and you are out of memory then Android itself remove old apps from recent.


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Nowadays these apps come inbuilt in every smartphone and there are millions of app which have name junk cleaner or ram booster and they are of. No use cause many of them don’t get permission to access system and on android 11 they are literally going to become trash . Expectations:- quick heal , cc cleaner etc because they are licensed companies so they have got permission . So I will suggest that you should not waste your time .


@BABURAO_APTE just want to tell you one thing thing there is no use of creating such app because android is smart enough to handle these things

and there are thousands of similar app on play store


if you still want to make this app then you may refer this post

or you can try contacting @dennis_littawe1542 the owner of this app



That’s what I said


Hmm I Guess this App won’t Work Then

Yes that’s what I am saying caused you will not get permission or you app will get strike that you are stealing data