How can i create an extension?

Hello, I am an amateur in programming, so I do not know much about it, even so I do not agree and I want to make an extension for kodular, inventor app etc, since I wanted to do things with these services that are not possible without extensions and the extensions I need are very specific and most of the time I can’t find the one that works for me, so what I’m looking for is to learn to make my own extensions and publish them to also contribute and help people in this community , but I read the whole guide and the documentation to create inventor app extensions, could you give me a hand with how I have to start? what to install, what language to use, etc, in advance thank you very much

You can try rush because it’s simple to install and use

You can use java and kotlin for making extension in rush.

Nope, Kotlin support isn’t yet available in Rush. It’s planned for v1.2.0, which I hope to release by the end of next week.


Can you implementation dart? & how to right java for an extension in rush?

Unlike JVM languages like Java and Kotlin, Dart doesn’t compile to Java bytecode. This makes it unsuitable for making extensions. Moreover, it’s not an officially supported language for native Android development, so, first-class for it isn’t possible at the moment.

Although, there exist some ways which makes Dart/Flutter interop possible in existing Android applications. This involves converting the required Dart/Flutter code to an AAR library and using it like a normal dependency.

But given the current state of AAR support for extensions, the above method is of no use for making extensions

Read the following topic. It has everything you need to get started with Rush.


But for Rush to work, you need a 64-bit pc, isn’t there a 32-bit version, or some other alternative?

You can try these IDE as they are website so you can also make extensions in mobile phones

Or you can try App Inventor sources too

do I need something else besides that? like a package of something or so?