How can I create or implement this in my app?

So I do want this thing in my app in order to get downloads on another of my app. Can anybody help me creating this or if you guys can suggest me something else

Sorry to say that its not possible for now

bro you use memu emulator for making apps ?

anything else I can do in order to promote my other app except ads or in the start menu? any suggestion

no I just do test my apps there.

Such feature required to run at background and startup which is currently not supported for apps made by Kodular.

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have you face any issue regarding app sizeing or responsiveness of app ?

because i made an app completely on memu emulator and after completing the app . i tested on real devices the app was a bit bigger in size and also components were not completely visible. but app was looking perfect on memu emaulator.

did you faced anything like this.

@manishthetechguy Please don’t go Off-Topic!


I have actually created my app on kodular, was just testing apk on memu

You can attract users using the notification extension​:wink:

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