How can i create these three buttons without repeating "code"?

Hi everyone,
how can i create these three buttons without repeating “code”? is there a dynamic way ?, can you give me an example please?

Use procedure block, global check boxes and when any button clicked blocks ate need to use

can you give me a practical example please?

to learn about procedure block see this video

and here is a sample of using one procedure(code) with any button
or you can set this show alert for every button click :slightly_smiling_face:
feel free to reply

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I hope this block will does…

GSRairtable_Screen2.ais (5.6 KB)

test the aia

you can group the check boxes… as per your oder but do not change the category just like i have mentioned…

if it gives you error, just add snackbar and try

also i have modified just like user can choose either PING check box or CODIC box one at a time only


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