how can i decrease this code? airtable

I’m making a login system to pull the information sequentially according to the user logged in and that was the only way I could. can someone help me optimize and decrease this code?


Why don you need so many airtable component? You always change one’s table name, API and other stuff. Use one only and set the table name or any other thing when needed.

Then, use loops:
list of table name -> (table1, table2)
list of API -> (api1, api2)
list of column name -> (Nome, Pontos)

for i from 1 to 2 by 1
set airtable.table name -> select list item list = (list of table name, index = i)
set airtable.api key -> select list item list = (list of API, index = i)
call airtable get cell -> (select list item list = (list of column name, index = i), row num)