How can I display databases from Firebase to ColinTreeListView?

@greeny the method by @annaschawdhary157 will not work. have u tried that

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Yes I tried. But it just showed one product on the screen only.

You seem to have more firebase databases like [my_option], [my_staked], [refer_acode_finder] etc.
So I tried your blocks and this is what I did. Am I doing it right?

set global product list to create empty list
and set global index to 0

Thank you. And how about the rest?

remove set firebase 1 project bucket blocks don not remove first

just remove marked block


and please use different firebase for getting different tags

Ok here it is.

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yes now all correct

is it worked

It doesn’t work yet. I think I have to change my blocks of When FirebaseDatabase1 Got Value first.

after got just use add item to list block

no u are doing wrong your tag is not right
ur tag should be image or name or price

so I don’t need to use When firebase got value block?

then how will u add value in a list

Its workded… Already using

then may u show me example

1st create empty list(image named) with variable… …

If tag is equal to image then do{

add item to list(image)

After loop done… You got all image tag values…

Here is my project with colintree list view

U can use below block same for your project…