How Can I display Two Buttons at each corner of the Screen

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Please guide me so that I can create two Buttons at each corner of Screen i.e. one at left aligned and the other is right aligned. I have tried using Table layout but couldn’t be able to find any option to make them aligned at the left and right side respectively. (Image attachedAlignLeftRight )

The below attached aia contains the buttons aligned in both arrangements i.e. Horizontal arrangement(HA) and Table arrangement(TA) respectively. Have a look once
btnAlignment.aia (1.3 KB)

Below is the screen-shot of the same

Personally I would prefer the horizontal arrangement(HA) for this task


@Asif_Hussain you can also use Space
component for this work it is also an easier version.

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There is a space component in-between two button
The buttons are inside the HA.
Same goes with TA

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Oh sorry i can’t get it.

Add two components in a HA, width must be fill parent.
Add a space component between the buttons, whose width must be fill parent.

This should solve your problem, though this has already been posted already…


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