How can i do addition with Two Texts


I want to do addition of text1 and text2 .
for example label1 has value (as string) like 05:00:00 and label2 has value(string) like 05:00:00 , and i want to result in label3 like 10:00:00

anyone has idea??

Use the join block which is on the Text category

It doesnt work, join block joint both text not adding them

Oh, then if the format is a date, you can convert it to a timestamp and use the + operation

that 05:00:00 comes from url and i have take it to label1 now i want to add 05:30 to it
do you know??

Try Making a new variable and assigning the Label.Text to that variable then use the math Blocks to Add. I am just throwing it out try if it works