How can I draw a line when audio level changes?


I want to draw a line when audio changes.
I’ve already tried this (but with kodular’s sound meter)
(from here: Extension. Get Level sound Microphone - ClassicExtensions - Community)
But it is not working.
Thanks to the people who would like to help me!

what exactly is not working?
does the SoundChanged event fire? do you get a value?
or does drawing the canvas not work?


The drawing canvas doesn’t work. It doesn’t move.

do you get different values from the SoundChanged event?
you might want to add the values in a list and display the list to find it out…


Try to add a Notifier under the Event Block and there show an alert when the event fires up so that you may get to know that whether that block is working or not…

Yes, I did see changes. I added the result into a label like this: