How can i get all the data from web source in a list?

I want to get all the images from the source page…
This is what i have done…

but i am getting only one link but i want all the link can any one please help me?

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but how can i use it for my purpose?

Not Working

Read :

can you please show me an example from a source code?

Still didnt get it i want to get the cover url from each one

Thanks it worked but how can i get data from all the tags?

cause there are 100s of tags

i will have to add the same block 100 times?

why did you add 1 after “walk all at level” and not features,geometry,coordinates and the 0 or 1 or whatever it it!


@Rogerio_Rios I have Entered 1 but showing the result of 192…
so can you me this is happening?

also how can I get the specific data from each data with one code not entering the same code again and again…

can anyone please help me with this?

It would be easier to get help if you can share the url in order to see the full json response

This really worked
Thank you @dora_paz

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