How can I get Data from my cPanel in File Manager directly to a specific Folder

Hello great koders, I need your help to know how I can get some of my mp3 files which I have uploaded into my own hosting site.

I ould like to know how I can get these files directly from my cPanel File Manager as you can see the folder is in public_html/abc

Please I know this is possible but I don’t know how to do it
Here is what I have tried but nothing is working

I have tried this but not working I think I don’t know how to do it

Please I need your advanced method

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Use CPanel API or custom script that returns file list in json


what about using ftp?

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Hello @HritikR thank you in advance I tried your codes
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<?php error_reporting(0);
$ext = '*.mp3';
$files = array_filter(glob($ext), 'is_file');
echo json_encode($files, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT);

I then found it working faster and simple to read in JSON

And I tried to add this code $size = '*.mp3'; in order to execute the file sizes but I found not working
Please I have already marked your response as solution so help me some codes which I can add in the script to fetch the file size too.

How did you mean to use FTP? can you show the blocks or some written details!

1-Go to Kodular docs page :+1:


3- Now , Look at the available blocks.What do you see?

I know about that but I don’t know which blocks should I use to call bytes and file names because as I understand I know that FTP is working with file upload and not file reading so don’t know why @Taifun mentioned that and why you too @Rogerio_Rios insisting it?

Oi Rogério, como consigo falar com você via chat?

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Hi Rogério, how can I talk to you via chat?

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