How can I make this type of design

You can use view pager Or flipper also to make such looks…

Hello try this… it’s use view flipper

prueba.aia (355.6 KB)

Good Luck!

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Hello @Earn_Money_online can you show the blocks please

It is different

You can also do it with dynamic Card View and Image

Can u show me the block

Not Now​:smirk: I’m Busy

Can anybody give me aia of this design

well i have used 3 methods in this aia, check which one you like,

flipper_test.aia (811.6 KB)

I don’t understand why people are asking for direct solutions (projects, blocks). Why don’t you try to do it yourself? I mean @agc_softwares and @ImranTariq were kind enough to give it to you, but honestly they shouldn’t have.

I suggest @Sumit1334 thanking @ImranTariq and @agc_softwares


@Mateja agree with you, we have asked every one to try first and then ask, but sometimes users cant do that or dosnt understand like everyone is not enough smart to learn things quickly so when we get some time between our work, we help them to able make apps with Kodular, but recommended for every user to try first and then ask as @Mateja said.

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I don’t ask about anything but when I have no idea about the thing therefore I ask

3rd method is working but how can I make round it

Its not a problem for me, but when I don’t want to put together blocks and teach them, I don’t do it. hahaha

use gallery viewer and blocks of that was in this aia,

blocks - 2020-03-31T102819.491


It is all ok but how can I round the image corner

Image editor to set the round corner of images.

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