How can i move pixels in an image?

i need to move some pixels in an image to produce a new one.
How to do it?

What have you tried so far?

i looked over image editor blocks bud did not found anything useful.

Can be done using canvas by getting the pixel color of both and drawing pixels with those colors. Then save canvas image

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Thank you for helping, but i dont need a single pixel, i need a big area to be moved. its a chess-like game where the player types in the move and updates the board image. i need to get the whole piece’s area to place it in a different square. since the square is done by a lot of pixels, maybe i can take the colors one by one…
Then just draw pixels of the empty square color

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Use image sprites for each of your “chess-like pieces”. Then you can move them to the location you select.

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i thought in that already, but was trying to evict so many image sprites… 192 images sprites is a lot

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