How can I publish my app only to some people?

I have an application will be used only by some people, selected by me. How can I publish my app only to these specific people? :grin:

Send it to them in an email, Google Drive link.


I could maybe send by whatzapp?
Because I tried that but it wasn’t.

I guess. I don’t use Whatsapp, but try it sending it to yourself or a friend and you’ll see.

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With Google Drive, all you have to do is upload it in a folder and send the link to everyone. It work for me, why you say it doesn’t work for you?

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you can publish in Google Play in alpha or beta and invite these people to use the app



Do the Alpha or Beta have any time limits?

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Is there a deadline for the app to be alpha in google play?

No, you can keep your app in Alpha or Beta stage without any limit, and if you don’t publish any APK to the Release stage, app only will be shown these people. Also I think using Google Play is better as you have option to send updates directly. :man_shrugging:

If I understood correctly, there is no requirement to use Alpha and Beta stage, and you can keep it forever in Alpha or Beta stage.


Another alternative is to add a login screen, publish to play store, then share the credential with those that you like to share


Thank you all.
It was a lot of help.

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yes you can send apk by whatsapp also


My app for a public school I will do like this. When using the app for the first time, the student will have to enter their registration number. But still, I will not publish it on google play (it’s expensive rs rs). I created a link on the school website and there the student will download the app.


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