How can i put counter in my app showing new users sign up?

Hello community,

I need to put in my app a counter to show all members in firebase.
Can someone help me?

for example you have a bucket of users, where all users stored, in app, set firebase bucket to that users bucket and get tag list, after got tag list, set label text to length of list, list (get value).


blocks - 2020-01-02T111145.409

blocks - 2020-01-02T111147.780



my bucket is number of docs id of each users.
when user login in app, my blocks insert database to doc id of current user.
How can i get all bucket in database, same user loged in your current bucket?


My blocks in User dashboard, project bucket get values of other screen…


what value is in start value?

I need get value 2 in all bucket, and then show in count, value 2 is a doc number of user and is a very important to get exact number of register in my app.

so after get tag list, show it in any label as i showed above

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